Repeatability of cerebrospinal fluid constant rate infusion study.

  title={Repeatability of cerebrospinal fluid constant rate infusion study.},
  author={Diane Margaret A. Swallow and Norina Fellner and Georgios V Varsos and Marek Czosnyka and Peter Smielewski and J. D. Pickard and Z. H. Czosnyka},
  journal={Acta neurologica Scandinavica},
  volume={130 2},
OBJECTIVE Infusion tests are important tools to assess cerebrospinal fluid (CSF)dynamics used in the preoperative selection of patients for shunt surgery, or to predict the scope of improvement from shunt revision. The aim of this study was to assess the repeatability of the key quantitative parameters describing CSF dynamics that are determined with infusion testing. MATERIALS AND METHODS Eighteen patients in whom a constant infusion test was repeated within 102 days, without any… CONTINUE READING