Repeat Visitors of a Tourist Destination


Customer retention is widely acknowledge being a favourable strategy, however, it has received little attention in the tourism literature (Reid, and Reid, 1993; Oppermann, 1999). Only recently a number of studies have studied the impact of previous destination experience and destination choice (Gyte and Phelps, 1989; Oppermann, 1997; Kozak, 2001). Most of these stress the differences between first time and repeat visitors. Despite the efforts, it remains unclear why people undertake repeat visits and what kind characteristics hold repeat visitors and whether they represent a homogeneous group or not (Oppermann, 2000). Therefore, this research aims to identify the reasons for repeating a destination as well as the sociodemographic and psychographic profile of the repeat visitor to a summer destination. Secondly, it aims to investigate whether this repeat visitor attaches emotionally to the community, as a consequence of his regular visits, and then becomes more conscious about the natural and human factors in the place frequently visited. Focus groups will be conducted with repeat visitors and their insights used to develop a questionnaire that will be piloted and later, distributed at the tourist destination.

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