Reparative justice

  title={Reparative justice},
  author={Elmar G. M. Weitekamp},
  journal={European Journal on Criminal Policy and Research},
Non-verbal communication analysis in Victim-Offender Mediations
Implicated by scale: Anthropochemicals and the experience of ecology
If our worlds are unimaginable, or, ironically, perhaps even unsustainable without anthropogenic chemicals, what does it mean to live and navigate the toxic regime, this historical moment where
Children’s restorative justice in an intergroup context
Funding information National Natural Science Foundation of China, Grant/Award Number: 31600899; Tsinghua University Lifelong Learning Lab; Tsinghua University Undergraduate Research Grant; Tsinghua
Reparative justice: The final stage of decolonization
Taking inspiration from Neo-colonialism: the last stage of imperialism, by Kwame Nkrumah of the thesis by Lenin that Imperialism (is) the highest stage of capitalism, I postulate that reparative
This Being is a Guest House: Embracing Humility, Liberation & Strengths in Therapy with Sexual and Gender Diverse Muslims
Drawing on extant personal narratives around mental health and therapy of this population, the authors offer critical reflections, processes and opportunities for clinicians to take responsibility in honoring the diverse journeys and experiences of SGD Muslims in serving them in journeys of healing.
Sincerity Is in the Eye of the Beholder: Using Eye Tracking to Understand How Victims Interpret an Offender’s Apology in a Simulation of Victim–Offender Mediation
The findings demonstrate the vital role of the victims’ a priori attitudes, expectations, and eye gaze behavior in understanding the reception and the evaluation of offenders’ apologies and suggests how novel technology can be used to investigate gaze behavior.
The extent and drivers of gender imbalance in neuroscience reference lists
It is found that reference lists tend to include more papers with men as first and last author than would be expected if gender were not a factor in referencing, and this overcitation of men and undercitation of women is driven largely by the citation practices of men, and is increasing over time as the field becomes more diverse.
Does he mean what he says? : Using Eye Trackingto understand Victim - Offender Mediation
The object of this study was to gain insights into the overt visual attention behavior of victims when evaluating the sincerity of an apology given by an offender in victim-offender mediation. It was
Learning Moral Values: Another’s Desire to Punish Enhances One’s Own Punitive Behavior
It takes as little as being exposed to the preferences of a single individual to shift one’s own desire for punishment when responding to fairness violations, suggesting that even in the absence of explicit social pressure, fairness preferences are highly labile.


The power of mediation
The article analyzes the relationship between mediation practice and the structure of power in society. Most of the theory of mediation is premised on myths about its practice that constitute flight
The Unmet Promise of Alternatives to Incarceration
A careful review of the research literature on alternatives to incarcera tion suggests that their promise of reducing the prison population has remained largely unmet. For each of the reform
CONFLICTS are seen as important elements in society. Highly industrialised societies do not have too much internal conflict, they have too little. We have to organise social systems so that conflicts
Restitution: A New Paradigm of Criminal Justice
This paper will analyze the breakdown of our system of criminal justice in terms of what Thomas Kuhn would describe as a crisis of an old paradigm-punishment. I propose that this crisis could be
The Proper Role of a Victim-Compensation System
Compensation to the victim of a criminal injury is not effective if it consists merely of financial remedy supplied by the state. It should take the form of punitive restitution; that is, it must
Undoing the wrong