Repair of the ruptured distal biceps tendon: a systematic review.

  title={Repair of the ruptured distal biceps tendon: a systematic review.},
  author={Prithviraj R Chavan and Thomas R. Duquin and Leslie John Bisson},
  journal={The American journal of sports medicine},
  volume={36 8},
BACKGROUND Reinsertion of the acutely ruptured distal biceps is the preferred method of treatment for most patients and is designed to restore flexion and supination strength. It is not clear which, if any, method of fixation is superior or whether a 2-incision or single-incision approach is associated with fewer complications or better outcomes. HYPOTHESES (1) There is no difference in biomechanical performance between currently used fixation methods, (2) there is no difference in incidence… CONTINUE READING

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