Repair of cutaneous wounds with the use of low cost surgical glue.


BACKGROUND The advantages of the cyanoacrylates in cutaneous synthesis have been often demonstrated in the literature. However, these products have been underutilized in Brazil due to the high costs of the 2-octil-cyanoacrylate. Besides, few studies have been done with the more economically accessible form, the 2-etil-cyanoacrylate, as a cutaneous tissue adhesive. OBJECTIVE To evaluate the effectiveness of the closing of cutaneous lesions using ECA. METHOD This was a prospective study in which 46 wounds were occluded using the low cost ECA as an alternative to intradermal suture. RESULTS Excisions (97,8%) and traumatic wounds (2,2%) were treated with 2-etil-cyanoacrylate and deep relaxed sutures as synthesis method. Unaesthetic scars (22%), infection (2,1%), dehiscence (2,1%) and contact allergic dermatitis (2,1%) were the problems we found. There were no cases of necrosis or keloids. The results were considered satisfactory in most cases (97,3%). CONCLUSION The use of 2-etil-cyanoacrylate was shown to be safe and with satisfactory cosmetic results in this group of patients.

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