Repair of Large Lip Vermilion defects with Mutual Cross Lip Musculomucosal Flaps


BACKGROUND Vermilion irregularities are common secondary deformities after cleft lip repair, regressed or resected hemangiomas, trauma and tumor surgeries. Vermilion deficiency attracts considerable attention and detracts from an otherwise excellent lip repair. Minor and moderate vermilion defects can be corrected with upper lip advancement, rotation flaps, tongue flaps or grafts. Major defects defy correction with local flaps. A technique is described for correction of large absolute tissue defects of the vermilion using Mutual Cross-Lip Musculomucosal Flaps (MCLMF) Or Ahmad-Ali's flaps. METHODS This technique was applied in eight patients with major vermilion defects secondary to hemangioma regression, neoplasia, and trauma. Reconstruction with MCLMF led to create a balanced donor and recipient lips appearance and function. RESULTS There were no postoperative complications. Surgical results were satisfactory in all patients, and sufficient lip mobility with adequate bulk was maintained. One patient demonstrated minimal transient lip tightening. CONCLUSION Use of Ahmad-Ali's flaps in selected patients resulted in successful reconstruction of severe vermilion defects.

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