Repair of 104 failed anti-reflux operations.

  title={Repair of 104 failed anti-reflux operations.},
  author={Atif Iqbal and Ziad Awad and Jennifer Simkins and Ricky Shah and Mumnoon Haider and Vanessa Salinas and Kiran K. Turaga and Anouki Karu and Sumeet K. Mittal and Charles J. Filipi},
  journal={Annals of surgery},
  volume={244 1},
OBJECTIVE To assess whether reoperative surgery for failed Nissen fundoplication is beneficial and to classify all mechanisms of failure recognized. SUMMARY BACKGROUND DATA Antireflux surgery is often necessary, but a 10% failure rate is commonplace. We report results for patients undergoing reoperative surgery and present a nomenclature of mechanisms of failure. METHODS A total of 104 patients, who had a previous fundoplication for gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), underwent… CONTINUE READING


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