Repair and regeneration of osteochondral defects in the articular joints.

  title={Repair and regeneration of osteochondral defects in the articular joints.},
  author={Wojciech Święszkowski and Barnabas Ho Saey Tuan and Krzysztof Jan Kurzydlowski and Dietmar Werner Hutmacher},
  journal={Biomolecular engineering},
  volume={24 5},
People suffering from pain due to osteoarthritic or rheumatoidal changes in the joints are still waiting for a better treatment. Although some studies have achieved success in repairing small cartilage defects, there is no widely accepted method for complete repair of osteochondral defects. Also joint replacements have not yet succeeded in replacing of natural cartilage without complications. Therefore, there is room for a new medical approach, which outperforms currently used methods. The aim… CONTINUE READING


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