Repacking My Library

  title={Repacking My Library},
  author={Jennifer deWinter and Carly A. Kocurek},

Toys and Sustainability

  • S. Muthu
  • Materials Science
    Environmental Footprints and Eco-design of Products and Processes
  • 2022
Urbanwoodwastes of some species havemechanical, physical, and chemical characteristics that classify them as suitable for use in the production of small wooden objects, such as toys. Wooden toys

Playful Machines and Heritage: How to Prepare Future Cultural Histories?

Reflecting on the strategies that the pinball community uses to preserve its artifacts and to animate social activity centered upon those artifacts, can help facilitate modeling at least some practices needed to preserve digital art, practices more inclusive than the traditional approaches, and uniting, even if imperfectly, rather than dividing various social groups.

Save Point/s: Competing Values and Practices in the Field of Video Game Preservation

This paper presents a Bourdieuvian way of understanding video game preservation as a nascent field with its discourse and praxis shaped by ontological differences and conflicting power structures.

Serious Leisure In The Digital World: Exploring The Information Behaviour Of Fan Communities

This research investigates the information behaviour of cult media fan communities on the internet, using three novel methods which have not previously been applied to this domain. Firstly, a review,