Reovirus induces and benefits from an integrated cellular stress response.

  title={Reovirus induces and benefits from an integrated cellular stress response.},
  author={Jennifer A Smith and Stephen C. Schmechel and Arvind R. Raghavan and Michelle L Abelson and Cavan Reilly and Michael G. Katze and Randal J Kaufman and Paul R. Bohjanen and Leslie A. Schiff},
  journal={Journal of virology},
  volume={80 4},
Following infection with most reovirus strains, viral protein synthesis is robust, even when cellular translation is inhibited. To gain further insight into pathways that regulate translation in reovirus-infected cells, we performed a comparative microarray analysis of cellular gene expression following infection with two strains of reovirus that inhibit host translation (clone 8 and clone 87) and one strain that does not (Dearing). Infection with clone 8 and clone 87 significantly increased… CONTINUE READING
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