Reorganizing web sites based on user access patterns


In this paper, an approach for reorganizing Web sites based on user access patterns is proposed. The approach consists of three steps: preprocessing, page classification, and site reorganization. In preprocessing, pages on a Web site are processed to create an internal representation of the site, and page access information of its users is extracted from its server log. In page classification, the Web pages on the site are classified into two categories, index pages and content pages, based on the page access information. After the pages are classified, in site reorganization, the Web site is examined to find better ways to organize and arrange the pages on the site. Our experiments on a large real data set show that the approach is efficient and practical for adaptive Web sites.

DOI: 10.1145/502585.502698

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@article{Fu2001ReorganizingWS, title={Reorganizing web sites based on user access patterns}, author={Yongjian Fu and Ming-Yi Shih and Mario Creado and Chunhua Ju}, journal={Int. Syst. in Accounting, Finance and Management}, year={2001}, volume={11}, pages={39-53} }