Reorganization of sensory regulation of locust flight after partial deafferentation.

  title={Reorganization of sensory regulation of locust flight after partial deafferentation.},
  author={Ansgar B{\"u}schges and Juan Manuel Ram{\'i}rez and Keir Gordon Pearson},
  journal={Journal of neurobiology},
  volume={23 1},
Previous investigations have shown that the flight motor pattern of the mature locust (Locusta migratoria L.) relies heavily on the input of the hindwing tegulae. Removal of the hindwing tegulae results in an immediate change in the motor pattern: the wingbeat frequency (WBF) decreases and the interval between the activity of depressor and elevator muscles (D-E interval) increases. In contrast, removal of the forewing tegulae has little effect on the motor pattern. Here we report adaptive… CONTINUE READING
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