Reorganization of actin in depolarized synaptosomes.

  title={Reorganization of actin in depolarized synaptosomes.},
  author={Barbara W. Bernstein and James R. Bamburg},
  journal={The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience},
  volume={5 10},
Depolarization of whole brain synaptosomes, which stimulates transmitter release, also affects regulation of the assembly of actin microfilaments. Lysates of depolarized synaptosomes contain 20% less cytoskeletal actin than lysates of unstimulated synaptosomes. Parameters affecting the assembly of actin are modified before lysis, but release of actin from the Triton-insoluble cytoskeleton does not occur until after lysis. Actin released from the cytoskeleton is not precipitated with myosin… CONTINUE READING
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