Reordering a World: The Tana Bhagat Movement, 1914-1919

  title={Reordering a World: The Tana Bhagat Movement, 1914-1919},
  author={Sangeeta Dasgupta},
  journal={Studies in History},
  pages={1 - 41}
was divinely ordained to establish a new sect, the Tana sect, which was markedly different from the Oraon community. Leaders arose and withdrew, their movement gained momentum and ebbed at various points in time and, amidst this historical process, Tana attempts at reordering their world continued. Their identity was to be defined in opposition to the zamindars, the banias (moneylen¢ers), the missionaries, the Muslims and the British state. At the 
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Oraon Religion and Customs

poor. Of particular interest to anthropologists is the author's attempts to describe with some sense of objectivity the life of the common man at a time when anthropology was still in its infancy.

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