Rental housing discrimination across protected classes: Evidence from a randomized experiment

  title={Rental housing discrimination across protected classes: Evidence from a randomized experiment},
  author={Judson E. Murchie and Jindong Pang},
  journal={Regional Science and Urban Economics},

Discrimination in the rental housing market in the Sunyani Municipality, Ghana

ABSTRACT Regardless of the anti-discrimination policies in place, discrimination is still prevalent within the rental housing market. This poses some considerable challenges to potential

Audit Studies of Housing in the United States: Established, Emerging, and Future Research

Since the 1960s, social scientists, fair housing agencies, and the federal government have conducted hundreds of in-person and correspondence housing audits. Researchers use these covert experiments

Racialized Discourse in Seattle Rental Ad Texts.

Investigation of how contemporary rental listings from the Seattle-Tacoma Craigslist page differ in their description based on neighborhood racial composition shows that listings from White neighborhoods emphasize trust and connections to neighborhood history and culture, while listings from non-White neighborhoods offer more incentives and focus on transportation and development features, sundering these units from their surroundings.

Online rental housing market representation and the digital reproduction of urban inequality

  • G. Boeing
  • Economics
    Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space
  • 2019
As the rental housing market moves online, the internet offers divergent possible futures: either the promise of more-equal access to information for previously marginalized homeseekers, or a

Do Foster Care Agencies Discriminate Against Gay Couples? Evidence from a Correspondence Study

There has been considerable recent debate regarding proposed policies that would allow foster care administrators to discriminate on the basis of the sexual orientation of the foster parent. To date,

Schools' Attitudes Towards Single Parents: Experimental Evidence

Single parenthood is on the rise everywhere in the world. While previous studies show that acceptance of single-parent households is increasing, some authors point out that single-parent families are

Gender Identity, Race, and Ethnicity Discrimination in Access to Mental Health Care: Preliminary Evidence from a Multi-Wave Audit Field Experiment

A broad body of interdisciplinary research establishes that transgender and non-binary individuals face discrimination across many contexts, including healthcare. Simultaneously, transgender

Racial and Ethnic Residential Segregation by Family Structure and the Presence of Children in Metropolitan America

Little research has examined the residential segregation of blacks, Hispanics, and Asians from whites disaggregated by family structure and the presence of children in metropolitan America. Using



Racial and Ethnic Biases in Rental Housing: An Audit Study of Online Apartment Listings

As rental markets move online, techniques to assess racial/ethnic rental housing discrimination should keep pace. We demonstrate an audit method for assessing discrimination in Toronto's online

Rental Discrimination and Ethnicity in Names 1

Laboratory studies have demonstrated the ability of names to prime stereotypes. To apply these theories and test the effect of name-based ethnic stereotypes on housing discrimination, 1,115 inquiry

What Have We Learned from Paired Testing in Housing Markets

IntroductionIn-person paired testing is a methodology explicitly designed to observe differential treatment of equally qualified homeseekers in different groups-that is, to observe discrimination.

Measuring racial discrimination with fair housing audits: caught in the Act.

A survey technique called a "fair housing audit" provides a direct measure of racial discrimination in housing. This paper examines the econometric issues raised by audit data, measures the

Field Experiment Tests for Discrimination against Hispanics in the U.S. Rental Housing Market

This article tests for discrimination against Hispanics in the U.S. rental housing market using e-mail correspondence with landlords advertising units online. We divide Hispanics into two groups: