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Rent-Seeking or Wealth-Creating: What to Choose?

  title={Rent-Seeking or Wealth-Creating: What to Choose?},
  author={Nils Olve Gillund},

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The Allocation of Talent: Implications for Growth

A country's most talented people typically organize production by others, so they can spread their ability advantage over a larger scale. When they start firms, they innovate and foster growth, but

Penn World Table Version 7.0. Center for International Comparisons of Production, Income and Prices at the University of Pennsylvania

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  • 2011

Quality Ladders in the Theory of Growth

We develop a model of repeated product improvements in a continuum of sectors. Each product follows a stochastic progression up a quality ladder. Progress is not uniform across sectors, so an

The Microtheory of Innovative Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs are widely recognised for the vital contributions they make to economic growth and general welfare, yet until fairly recently entrepreneurship was not considered worthy of serious

Cross-national time-series data archive

Entrepreneurship and Rent-Seeking Behavior

In this chapter, we propose a primer of the treatment that has received in the economic literature the problematic of entrepreneurship and rent-seeking behavior. It comprises the introduction of

Entrepreneurship: Productive, Unproductive, and Destructive

  • W. Baumol
  • Economics
    Journal of Political Economy
  • 1990
The basic hypothesis is that, while the total supply of entrepreneurs varies among societies, the productive contribution of the society's entrepreneurial activities varies much more because of their

Entrepreneurship and the industrial revolution in Britain

Democracy, rent seeking, public spending and growth

Public Choice III

This book represents a considerable revision and expansion of Public Choice II (1989). Six new chapters have been added, and several chapters from the previous edition have been extensively revised.