Renormalons in integrable field theories

  title={Renormalons in integrable field theories},
  author={M. Mari{\~n}o and T. Reis},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
  • M. Mariño, T. Reis
  • Published 2020
  • Physics, Mathematics
  • Journal of High Energy Physics
  • In integrable field theories in two dimensions, the Bethe ansatz can be used to compute exactly the ground state energy in the presence of an external field coupled to a conserved charge. We generalize previous results by Volin and we extract analytic results for the perturbative expansion of this observable, up to very high order, in various asymptotically free theories: the non-linear sigma model and its supersymmetric extension, the Gross-Neveu model, and the principal chiral field. We study… CONTINUE READING
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