Renormalized Perturbation Approach for Examination of Itinerant-Localized Duality Model for Strongly Correlated Electron Systems

  title={Renormalized Perturbation Approach for Examination of Itinerant-Localized Duality Model for Strongly Correlated Electron Systems},
  author={Yukihiro Okuno and Osamu Narikiyo and Kazumasa Miyake},
  journal={Journal of the Physical Society of Japan},
We present a microscopic examination for the itinerant-localized duality model which has been proposed to understand anomalous properties of strongly correlated systems like the heavy fermions by Kuramoto and Miyake, and also useful to describe the anomalous properties of the high- T c cupurates. The action of the duality model consists of two components of dynamical degrees of freedom. One of them is coherent itinerant degree of fermion and the other is incoherent localized one describing… Expand
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