Renormalized Electron Mass in Nonrelativistic QED

  title={Renormalized Electron Mass in Nonrelativistic QED},
  author={Juerg Froehlich and Alessandro Pizzo},
Within the framework of nonrelativistic QED, we prove that, for small values of the coupling constant, the energy function, E~ P , of a dressed electron is twice differentiable in the momentum ~ P in a neighborhood of ~ P = 0. Furthermore, ∂E~ P (∂|~ P |)2 is bounded from below by a constant larger than zero. Our results are proven with the help of iterative analytic perturbation theory. ∗also at IHES, Bures-sur-Yvette FP-Ren. Elect. Mass., 27-June-2008 1 I Description of the problem… CONTINUE READING