Renormalization of the abelian Higgs-Kibble model

  title={Renormalization of the abelian Higgs-Kibble model},
  author={Carlo Maria Becchi and Alain Rouet and Raymond F{\'e}lix Stora},
  journal={Communications in Mathematical Physics},
This article is devoted to the perturbative renormalization of the abelian Higgs-Kibble model, within the class of renormalizable gauges which are odd under charge conjugation. The Bogoliubov Parasiuk Hepp-Zimmermann renormalization scheme is used throughout, including the renormalized action principle proved by Lowenstein and Lam. The whole study is based on the fulfillment to all orders of perturbation theory of the Slavnov identities which express the invariance of the Lagrangian under a… 

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