Renormalization in Periodically Driven Quantum Dots.

  title={Renormalization in Periodically Driven Quantum Dots.},
  author={Anna Katharina Eissing and Volker Meden and D. M. Kennes},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={116 2},
  • Anna Katharina Eissing, Volker Meden, D. M. Kennes
  • Published in Physical review letters 2016
  • Physics, Medicine
  • We report on strong renormalization encountered in periodically driven interacting quantum dots in the nonadiabatic regime. Correlations between lead and dot electrons enhance or suppress the amplitude of driving depending on the sign of the interaction. Employing a newly developed flexible renormalization-group-based approach for periodic driving to an interacting resonant level we show analytically that the magnitude of this effect follows a power law. Our setup can act as a non-Markovian… CONTINUE READING

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