Renormalization and decoupling for the Yukawa model in curved spacetime

  title={Renormalization and decoupling for the Yukawa model in curved spacetime},
  author={Sergi Nadal-Gisbert and Antonio Ferreiro and Jos{\'e} Navarro-Salas},
  journal={The Sixteenth Marcel Grossmann Meeting},
We consider the renormalization of the one-loop effective action for the Yukawa interaction. We compute the beta functions in the generalized DeWitt-Schwinger subtraction scheme. For the quantized scalar field we obtain that all the beta functions exhibit decoupling for heavy fields as stated by the Appelquist-Carazzone theorem including also the gravitational couplings. For the quantized Dirac field, decoupling appears for almost all of them. We obtain the atypical result that the mass… 



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