Renormalization Group Flows on D 3 branes at an Orbifolded Conifold

  title={Renormalization Group Flows on D 3 branes at an Orbifolded Conifold},
  author={Kyungho Oh and Radu Tatar},
We consider D3-branes at an orbifolded conifold whose horizon X5 resolves into a smooth Einstein manifold which joins several copies of T. We describe in details the resolution of the singular horizon X5 and describe different types of two-cycles appearing in the resolution. For a large number of D3 branes, the AdS/CFT conjecture becomes a duality between type IIB string theory on AdS5 ×X5 and the N = 1 field theory living on the D3 branes. We study the fractional branes as small perturbations… CONTINUE READING
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