Renin in the human kidney. Immunohistochemical localization.

  title={Renin in the human kidney. Immunohistochemical localization.},
  author={Marco R. Celio and Tadashi Inagami},
  volume={72 1},
We have localized the enzyme renin (EC in the normal adult human kidney by immunohistology. Serial paraffin sections of kidneys were incubated with renin antisera and then processed by the peroxidase-antiperoxidase method. Renin immunoreactivity was observed in the juxta-glomerular "epithelioid granular cells" (JEG-cells) in the wall of the afferent and rarely of the efferent vessel of the glomerulus. JEG-cells have long cytoplasmic processes penetrating between adjacent cells. This… CONTINUE READING