Renin Activation in Normal and Hypertensive Human Pregnancy

  title={Renin Activation in Normal and Hypertensive Human Pregnancy},
  author={Ellen Nicholson and Eileen D. M. Gallery and Mark A. Brown and Margaret R. Ross and Michael P. Jones},
Severe pregnancy-associated hypertension (P-AH, preeclampsia) is characterised by lowered plasma renin activity and plasma renin concentration, despite concomitant plasma volume contraction. Measurement of total (active + trypsin activatable) and active renin concentrations in peripheral blood of 13 women with P-AH revealed low active levels, but total renin concentrations (193 ± 61 ng/ml A1) which were not significantly different from those of 20 normotensive pregnant women (174 ± 54 ng/ml A1… CONTINUE READING