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Rendre justice aux personnes handicapées et à leurs aidants

  title={Rendre justice aux personnes handicap{\'e}es et {\`a} leurs aidants},
  author={Philippe Sanchez},
How can we justify making deductions from the incomes earned by the valid to compensate the handicaps of the impaired persons with disabilities? Where has the compensation of a handicap to be stopped, and how to define its limits? Some other disciplines could propose some methods to think about it, some arguments and some answers to these questions. To work them out, as a philosopher, implies raising the questions of principles and treating them in a rigorous contradictory debate. The method… 


Cognitive disability in a society of equals
The essay argues for the social policy of targeted resource enhancement for individuals with cognitive disabilities, in the form of providing cash, with some limits on its use, when compared with current policies of centrally provided services.
Justice for People with Disabilities [Book Review]
Publishers details for: Justice for People with Disabilities, by Marge Hauritz, Charles Sampford and Sophie Blencowe (EDS) Sydney, Federation Press, 1998, ISBN 1862872724.
L'insertion professionnelle des travailleurs handicapés
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