Rendimiento de jitomate con diferentes métodos de cultivo hidropónico basados en doseles escaleriformes

  title={Rendimiento de jitomate con diferentes m{\'e}todos de cultivo hidrop{\'o}nico basados en doseles escaleriformes},
  author={Felipe S{\'a}nchez-del-Castillo and Olmo Atxay{\'a}catl Bastida-Ca{\~n}ada and Esa{\'u} del Carmen Moreno-P{\'e}rez and Efra{\'i}n Contreras-Maga{\~n}a and Jaime Sahag{\'u}n-Castellanos},
The objective of this study was to compare the yield per unit area and the time in which it can be achieved using hydropo- nic tomato plant production systems under greenhouse conditions, based on the formation of ladder-shaped in relation to uniform canopies. Plants were trimmed to leave only three clusters in each one, and thus limit their height to less than a meter. Plants were grouped in rows located at different heights to form four different modalities of ladder-shaped ca- nopy and also… CONTINUE READING