Rendimento do arroz e manejo da irrigaÁªo e da palha de azevØm no sistema mix de prØ-germinado 1

  title={Rendimento do arroz e manejo da irriga{\'A}ªo e da palha de azev{\O}m no sistema mix de pr{\O}-germinado 1},
  author={Eduardo Gonz{\'a}lez Pinto and Afr{\^a}nio Almir Righes and Enio Marchezan},
The incidence of red rice on flooded rice production is a limiting factor in many agricultural areas, when high productivity is the objective. Alternative system of crop cultivation using no tillage on flooded water seed system can be used to minimize the problem. Although this system has technical and economical advantages on the production chain, especially on red rice control, anaerobic process of ryegrass straw decomposition may produce toxic substances to rice plants establishment. The… CONTINUE READING

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