Rendered-protein hydrolysates for microbial synthesis of cyanophycin biopolymer.

  title={Rendered-protein hydrolysates for microbial synthesis of cyanophycin biopolymer.},
  author={Daniel K. Y. Solaiman and Rafael A Garcia and Richard D. Ashby and George J Piazza and Alexander Steinb{\"u}chel},
  journal={New biotechnology},
  volume={28 6},
Cyanophycin is a poly(arginyl-aspartate) biopolymer produced and stored intracellularly by bacteria. Cyanophycin has been proposed as a renewable replacement for petrochemical-based industrial products. An abundant source of amino acids and nitrogen such as in the form of protein hydrolysates is needed for the biosynthesis of cyanophycin. Rendered proteins are largely used as a feed supplement in animal husbandry and aquaculture. New uses would expand the market size of this class of protein… CONTINUE READING