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Renault's equivalence theorem for reduced groupoid c*-algebras

  title={Renault's equivalence theorem for reduced groupoid c*-algebras},
  author={Aidan Sims and Dana P. Williams},
  journal={arXiv: Operator Algebras},
We use the technology of linking groupoids to show that equivalent groupoids have Morita equivalent reduced C � -algebras. This equivalence is compatible in a natural way in with the Equivalence Theorem for full groupoid C � -algebras. r (H) are Morita equivalent via a quotient Xr of X (Theorem 17). Moreover, we show that the Rieffel correspondence associated to X matches up the kernel IC� r(G) of the canonical surjection of C � (G) onto C � (G) with the kernel ICr(H) of the surjection of C… 

Equivalence of Fell systems and their reduced C*-algebras

This paper is aimed at investigating links between Fell bundles over Morita equivalent groupoids and their corresponding reduced C *-algebras. Mainly, we review the notion of Fell pairs over a Morita

An equivalence theorem for reduced Fell bundle C*-algebras

We show that if E is an equivalence of upper semicontinuous Fell bundles B and C over groupoids, then there is a linking bundle L(E) over the linking groupoid L such that the full cross-sectional

Equivalence and stable isomorphism of groupoids, and diagonal-preserving stable isomorphisms of graph C*-algebras and Leavitt path algebras

We prove that ample groupoids with sigma-compact unit spaces are equivalent if and only if they are stably isomorphic in an appropriate sense, and relate this to Matui's notion of Kakutani

Groupoid models of C∗-algebras and the Gelfand functor

We construct a large class of morphisms, which we call partial morphisms, of groupoids that induce ∗-morphisms of maximal and minimal groupoid C∗-algebras. We show that the assignment of a groupoid

Some consequences of stabilization theorem for Fell bundles over exact groupoids

We investigate some consequences of a recent stabilization result of Ionescu, Kumjian, Sims, and Williams, which says that every Fell bundle C∗-algebra is Morita equivalent to a canonical groupoid

Renault ’ s Equivalence Theorem for C ∗-Algebras of Étale Groupoids

The purpose of this paper is to prove directly that if two locally compact Hausdorff étale groupoids are Morita equivalent, then their reduced groupoid C∗-algebras are Morita equivalent.

Equivalence and Exact Groupoids

Given two locally compact Hausdorff groupoids $G$ and $H$ and a $(G,H)$-equivalence $Z$, one can construct the associated linking groupoid $L$. This is reminiscent of the linking algebra for Morita

Groupoid cocycles and K-theory

Let c : G → R be a cocycle on a locally compact Hausdorff groupoid G with Haar system, and H the subgroupoid kerc ⊂ G. Under some mild conditions (satisfied by e.g. all integral cocycles on anetale

The Dixmier-Douady classes of certain groupoid C∗-algebras with continuous trace

Given a locally compact abelian group G, we give an explicit formula for the Dixmier-Douady invariant of the C∗-algebra of the groupoid extension associated to a Cech 2-cocycle in the sheaf of germs




We provide an exposition and proof of Renault's equivalence theo- rem for crossed products by locally Hausdorff, locally compact groupoids. Our approach stresses the bundle approach, concrete

Non-Hausdorff groupoids, proper actions and $K$-theory

  • J. Tu
  • Mathematics
    Documenta Mathematica
  • 2004
Let G be a (not necessarily Hausdorff) locally com- pact groupoid. We introduce a notion of properness for G, which is invariant under Morita-equivalence. We show that any general- ized morphism

Induction for Banach Algebras, Groupoids and KK ban

Given two equivalent locally compact Hausdorff groupoids, the Bost conjecture with Banach algebra coefficients is true for one if and only if it is true for the other. This also holds for the Bost


Let G1 and G2 be topological groupoids. We introduce a notion of correspondence from G1 to G2. We show that there exists a correspondence from C r (G2) to C r (G1) if there exists a correspondence

Equivalence and disintegration theorems for Fell bundles and their C*-algebras

We study the C*-algebras of Fell bundles. In particular, we prove the analogue of Renault's disintegration theorem for groupoids. As in the groupoid case, this result is the key step in proving a

Morita Equivalence and Continuous-Trace $C^*$-Algebras

The algebra of compact operators Hilbert $C^*$-modules Morita equivalence Sheaves, cohomology, and bundles Continuous-trace $C^*$-algebras Applications Epilogue: The Brauer group and group actions

Irreducible representations of groupoid $C^*$-algebras

If G is a second countable locally compact Hausdorff groupoid with Haar system, we show that every representation induced from an irreducible representation of a stability group is irreducible.

Representation Theory, Dynamical Systems, and Asymptotic Combinatorics

Statistics of the symmetric group representations as a natural science question on asymptotics of Young diagrams Stochastic dynamics related to Plancherel measure on partitions A condition for

Crossed products of C*-algebras

This book is intended primarily for graduate students who wish to begin research using crossed product C ∗ -algebras and is now essentially a final draft, and the final version will appear in the Surveys and Monograph series of the American Mathematical Society.