Renal vein occlusion: a review.

  title={Renal vein occlusion: a review.},
  author={Misha Witz and Alexander Kantarovsky and Binyamina Morag and E G Shifrin},
  journal={The Journal of urology},
  volume={155 4},
PURPOSE The different etiologies of renal occlusion are reviewed. A special category, division of the left renal vein in abdominal aortic surgery, is also discussed in the review. MATERIALS AND METHODS The various diagnostic modalities used in cases of renal vein occlusion include excretory urography, ultrasound, nuclear scan, angiography, venography, computerized tomography and magnetic resonance imaging. The main goals of therapy in this condition should be conserve renal parenchyma and to… CONTINUE READING