Renal tumors: diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers.

  title={Renal tumors: diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers.},
  author={Puay Hoon Tan and Liang Cheng and Nathalie Rioux-Leclercq and Mar{\'i}a Jos{\'e} Beato Merino and George Netto and Victor E. Reuter and Steven R. S. Shen and David J. Grignon and Rodolfo Montironi and Lars Egevad and John R. Srigley and Brett Delahunt and Holger Moch},
  journal={The American journal of surgical pathology},
  volume={37 10},
The International Society of Urological Pathology convened a consensus conference on renal cancer, preceded by an online survey, to address issues relating to the diagnosis and reporting of renal neoplasia. In this report, the role of biomarkers in the diagnosis and assessment of prognosis of renal tumors is addressed. In particular we focused upon the use of immunohistochemical markers and the approach to specific differential diagnostic scenarios. We enquired whether cytogenetic and molecular… CONTINUE READING