Renal tubular site of action of felodipine.

  title={Renal tubular site of action of felodipine.},
  author={Gerald F Dibona and Linda L. Sawin},
  journal={The Journal of pharmacology and experimental therapeutics},
  volume={228 2},
The renal tubular site of action of felodipine was localized using renal clearance and recollection micropuncture techniques in the anesthetized rat. In initial renal clearance experiments, felodipine (2.75 nM/kg/min i.v. X 60 min) had no effect on mean arterial pressure or glomerular filtration but significantly increased urinary flow rate, sodium and potassium excretion. In subsequent recollection micropuncture experiments, felodipine decreased mean arterial pressure but did not affect renal… CONTINUE READING


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