Renal transplantation after thoracic duct drainage.

  title={Renal transplantation after thoracic duct drainage.},
  author={Josephine Marie da Cunha Fish and Henri Sarles and Ann Remmers and Courtney M. Townsend and Jimmy D. Bell and Melvin Wayne Flye},
  journal={Transplantation proceedings},
  volume={13 1 Pt 1},
Forty-seven patients treated by at least 28 days of thoracic duct drainage (TDD) before cadaveric renal transplant are compared with 63 patients treated with standard immunosuppression. The TDD patients were begun on half the dosage of steroids, and at 30 days were receiving approximately two-thirds the dose that the non-TDD patients received. Acute rejection occurred in 35% of the TDD group, as compared with 61% of the non-TDD group. Graft survival in the TDD patients was twice as good as the… CONTINUE READING