Renal phosphate excretion in goats.

  title={Renal phosphate excretion in goats.},
  author={Irkham Widiyono and Korinna Huber and Klaus Failing and Gerhard Breves},
  journal={Zentralblatt fur Veterinarmedizin. Reihe A},
  volume={45 3},
It was the aim of these experiments to characterize further the role of salivary glands and kidneys in phosphate (Pi) homeostasis of small ruminants. Renal clearance experiments were performed in five female, non-pregnant adult goats during infusions of physiological NaCl or isotonic phosphate solution. Basal plasma Pi concentrations of 1.6 +/- 0.3 mM (NaCl infusion) were associated with a renal resorption of the filtered Pi by 98.5-99.3% and Pi was excreted in the urine at a rate of 1.2-2.8… CONTINUE READING

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