Renal manifestations of rheumatic diseases. A review.

  title={Renal manifestations of rheumatic diseases. A review.},
  author={Pavel Hor{\'a}k and Andrea Smr{\vz}ov{\'a} and Karel Krej{\vc}{\'i} and Tom{\'a}s Tich{\'y} and Josef Zadra{\vz}il and Martina Sk{\'a}celov{\'a}},
  journal={Biomedical papers of the Medical Faculty of the University Palacky, Olomouc, Czechoslovakia},
  volume={157 2},
BACKGROUND Renal manifestations of rheumatic diaseases are sometimes very discrete and mild. At others, they can present the leading symptomatology of a given disease. Systemic lupus erythematosus, systemic scleroderma, renal vasculitis, rheumatoid arthritis, mixed connective tissue disease, Sjögren's syndrome and gout can all manifest in or be accompanied by renal impairment. METHODS AND RESULTS The authors reviewed the literature on renal manifestation of rheumatic diseases using the key… CONTINUE READING