Renal involvement in leptospirosis: a pathophysiologic study.

  title={Renal involvement in leptospirosis: a pathophysiologic study.},
  author={Antonio J Magaldi and P N Yasuda and L{\'u}cia H. Kudo and Ant{\^o}nio Carlos Seguro and Antonino S. Rocha},
  volume={62 3},
The kidney involvement in leptospirosis appears to be a special form of acute renal failure due to a higher frequency of polyuric forms and the presence of hypokalemia with an elevated urinary fractional excretion of potassium. Using a clearance technique, we detected higher fractional urinary potassium excretion in leptospirotic guinea pigs (26.5 +/- 4.7%) than in normal animals (14.1 +/- 2.8%, p < 0.05). After blocking distal NaCl reabsorption with furosemide, it was observed that in… CONTINUE READING