Renal hemodynamics in the perinatal period. A study in lambs.

  title={Renal hemodynamics in the perinatal period. A study in lambs.},
  author={Anita C. Aperia and Ove Broberger and Peter Herin and I Joelsson},
  journal={Acta physiologica Scandinavica},
  volume={99 3},
The perinatal changes in renal hemodynamics have been studied in lambs. Eleven of the lambs were exteriorized, but maintained on placental circulation (fetal lambs). Eight of the lambs were delivered with cesarean section and studied immediately after clamping of the cord (newborn lambs). Nine lambs were delivered spontaneously and studied during the first 9 days of life. Renal blood flow (RBF) was determined by the microsphere method using a sample drawn from the iliac artery as the reference… CONTINUE READING


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