Renal hemangiomas. An analysis of 13 cases diagnosed by angiography.

  title={Renal hemangiomas. An analysis of 13 cases diagnosed by angiography.},
  author={L. -G. Ekelund and Jan H. G{\"o}thlin},
  journal={The American journal of roentgenology, radium therapy, and nuclear medicine},
  volume={125 4},
The angiographic findings in 13 patients with renal hemangiomas (one pararenal) are presented. The material suggests, contrary to earlier reports, a predominance for the female sex and the right kidney. Nine of the patients had macroscopic hematuria, of which five had renal colic. Obstruction was found at urography in seven cases. Renal angiography is the definitive diagnostic procedure and should be performed in all cases of unexplained macroscopic hematuria. Diagnosis may eventually be… CONTINUE READING


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