Renal handling of citrate in chronic renal insufficiency.

  title={Renal handling of citrate in chronic renal insufficiency.},
  author={Martino Marangella and Corrado Vitale and Marco Manganaro and Domenico Cosseddu and Chiara Martini and Michele Petrarulo and F. Linari},
  volume={57 4},
Citrate is a relevant component of the inhibitory potential of the urine environment. Its excretion and renal handling have been widely studied in subjects with normal renal function, but little is known about changes induced by chronic renal insufficiency. We have investigated renal handling of citrate in 50 patients with different degrees of renal insufficiency as compared to 30 healthy subjects with normal renal function. Among patients 34 were defined as having mild renal insufficiency… CONTINUE READING
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