Renal function after laparoendoscopic single site pyeloplasty.


PURPOSE Outcomes after laparoendoscopic single site pyeloplasty are limited to small cohort studies with short-term followup. We evaluated the clinical and renal function outcomes of what to our knowledge is the largest laparoendoscopic single site pyeloplasty cohort to date with a mean followup of 12 months. MATERIALS AND METHODS Consecutive patients… (More)
DOI: 10.1016/j.juro.2013.02.102


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@article{Harrow2013RenalFA, title={Renal function after laparoendoscopic single site pyeloplasty.}, author={Brian R Harrow and Aditya Bagrodia and Ephrem Odoy Olweny and Stephen Faddegon and Jeffrey A. Cadeddu and Jeffrey C. Gahan}, journal={The Journal of urology}, year={2013}, volume={190 2}, pages={565-9} }