Renal artery stenosis in hypertensive diabetics.

  title={Renal artery stenosis in hypertensive diabetics.},
  author={C S Munichoodappa and J A D'elia and John A. Libertino and Ray E. Gleason and A R Christlieb},
  journal={The Journal of urology},
  volume={121 5},
The incidence of atherosclerotic renal artery stenosis was compared in consecutive renal angiography of 28 hypertensive diabetics and 104 hypertensive non-diabetics. Mean age and sex distribution were comparable. Angiographic evidence of atherosclerotic renal artery stenosis was present in 10 diabetics (36 per cent) and 50 non-diabetics (48 per cent). Stenosis was considered hemodynamically significant if the renal vein renin ratio of the involved to uninvolved side was 1.4:1.0 or more. A renal… CONTINUE READING