Removal of residual contaminants in petroleum-contaminated soil by Fenton-like oxidation.

  title={Removal of residual contaminants in petroleum-contaminated soil by Fenton-like oxidation.},
  author={Mang Lu and Zhongzhi Zhang and Wei Qiao and Yueming Guan and Meng Xiao and Chong Peng},
  journal={Journal of hazardous materials},
  volume={179 1-3},
The degradation of bioremediation residues by hydrogen peroxide in petroleum-contaminated soil was investigated at circumneutral pH using a Fenton-like reagent (ferric ion chelated with EDTA). Batch tests were done on 20 g soil suspended in 60 mL aqueous solution containing hydrogen peroxide and Fe(3+)-EDTA complex under constant stirring. A slurry reactor was used to treat the soil based on the optimal reactant conditions. Contaminants were characterized by Fourier transform infrared… CONTINUE READING


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