Removal of nitrate-nitrogen from drinking water using bamboo powder charcoal.

  title={Removal of nitrate-nitrogen from drinking water using bamboo powder charcoal.},
  author={Kei Mizuta and Toshitatsu Matsumoto and Yasuo Hatate and Keiichi Nishihara and Tomoki Nakanishi},
  journal={Bioresource technology},
  volume={95 3},
The adsorption effectiveness of bamboo powder charcoal (BPC); made from the residual of Moso bamboo manufacturing; in removing nitrate-nitrogen from water has been investigated. Commercial activated carbon (CAC) was also used to compare the effectiveness of adsorption in removal of nitrate-nitrogen. The adsorption effectiveness of BPC was higher than that of CAC; regardless of the concentration of nitrate-nitrogen; in the range of 0-10 mg/l. The effect of temperature on adsorption by BPC and… CONTINUE READING

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