Removal of methylmercury and tributyltin (TBT) using marine microorganisms.

  title={Removal of methylmercury and tributyltin (TBT) using marine microorganisms.},
  author={Seong Eon Lee and Jin Wook Chung and Ho Shik Won and Dong Sup Lee and Yong-woo Lee},
  journal={Bulletin of environmental contamination and toxicology},
  volume={88 2},
Two marine species of bacteria were isolated that are capable of degrading organometallic contaminants: Pseudomonas balearica, which decomposes methylmercury; and Shewanella putrefaciens, which decomposes tributyltin. P. balearica decomposed 97% of methylmercury (20.0 μg/L) into inorganic mercury after 3 h, while S. putrefaciens decomposed 88% of tributyltin (55.3 μg Sn/L) in real wastewater after 36 h. These data indicate that the two bacteria efficiently decomposed the targeted substances and… CONTINUE READING

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