Removal of heavy metals from polluted soil using the citric acid fermentation broth: a promising washing agent

  title={Removal of heavy metals from polluted soil using the citric acid fermentation broth: a promising washing agent},
  author={Hongjiao Zhang and Yuntao Gao and Huabin Xiong},
  journal={Environmental Science and Pollution Research},
The citric acid fermentation broth was prepared and it was employed to washing remediation of heavy metal-polluted soil. A well-defined washing effect was obtained, the removal percentages using citric acid fermentation broth are that 48.2% for Pb, 30.6% for Cu, 43.7% for Cr, and 58.4% for Cd and higher than that using citric acid solution. The kinetics of heavy metals desorption can be described by the double constant equation and Elovich equation and is a heterogeneous diffusion process. The… Expand
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