Removal of formaldehyde over amine functionalized SBA-15.

  title={Removal of formaldehyde over amine functionalized SBA-15.},
  author={Jin-Heong Yim and Doo-il Kim and Jung A Bae and Young-kwon Park and Jong Hwa Park and Jong-Ki Jeon and Sung Hoon Park and Jihyeon Song and Seung-Soo Kim},
  journal={Journal of nanoscience and nanotechnology},
  volume={11 2},
Amine-functionalized SBA-15 materials were synthesized by a post synthesis method. Surface area and pore size decreased by attaching functional groups to the pore surface. Furthermore, pore volume was reduced with functionalization. The carbon and nitrogen content gradually increased with the number of amine groups in the silane precursors. Among the amine… CONTINUE READING