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Removal of fluoride from the drinking water using activated carbon

  title={Removal of fluoride from the drinking water using activated carbon},
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Fluoride Removal by Adsorption Using Micro Porous Molecular Sieves (4a0)
Fluoride contamination in drinking water due to natural and anthropogenic activities causes major problems though worldwide. Among several treatment technologies applied for fluoride removal,
Defluorination of drinking water using surfactant modified zeolites
The prevalence of high concentrations of fluoride (i.e. > 1.5 mg/l) in groundwater in the Northernpart of Ghana especially around the Bongo communities has been an issue of concern.Owingto the arid


Removal of fluoride from aqueous solution and groundwater by wheat straw, sawdust and activated bagasse carbon of sugarcane
Abstract The aim of this research work is to design and develop a novel cost effective strategy for fluoride removal, applicable to rural areas of developing countries. Most of the adsorbents based
carried out the studies on removal of fluoride from drinking water
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carried out the studies on- fluorometric determination of fluoride ion by reagent
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Carbohydrate Polymers
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did work on the adsorption of fluoride ions on carbonaceous materials
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Dental fluorosis: chemistry and biology.
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It is now most likely that enamel hypomineralization in fluorotic teeth is due predominantly to the aberrant effects of excess fluoride on the rates at which matrix proteins break down and/or the rate at which the by-products from this degradation are withdrawn from the maturing enamel.
Separation and Purification Techniques in Biotechnology
This book describes separation and purification techniques adsorption, ion exchange and liquid chromatography on solid supports used for fermentation and biochemical feedstreams. Emphasis is placed
Clinical Toxicology of Commercial Products
The toxicology of commercial products and its applications are studied in the context of food safety, cosmetics and personal care products.