Removal of chlorophenols from wastewater by immobilized horseradish peroxidase.

  title={Removal of chlorophenols from wastewater by immobilized horseradish peroxidase.},
  author={Kenji Tatsumi and Shinji Wada and Hiroyasu Ichikawa},
  journal={Biotechnology and bioengineering},
  volume={51 1},
Immobilization of horseradish peroxidase on magnetite and removal of chlorophenols using immobilized enzyme were investigated. Immobilization by physical adsorption on magnetite was much more effective than that by the crosslinking method, and the enzyme was found to be immobilized at 100% of retained activity. In addition, it was discovered that horseradish peroxidase was selectively adsorbed on magnetite, and the immobilization resulted in a 20-fold purification rate for crude enzyme. When… CONTINUE READING


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