Removal of ammonium from wastewater using calcium form clinoptilolite.

  title={Removal of ammonium from wastewater using calcium form clinoptilolite.},
  author={Zhi-Yong Ji and Jun-Sheng Yuan and Xin-gang Li},
  journal={Journal of hazardous materials},
  volume={141 3},
The paper concerns the removal of ammonium ions from aqueous solution using a modified clinoptilolite-Ca(2+)-formed clinoptilolite (CaY) prepared from natural clinoptilolite. The batch study results show that the pH has an effect on ammonium adsorption capacity as it can influence both the character of the exchanging ions and the clinoptilolite itself; the CaY has a high selectivity to NH(4)(+) and the exchange decreases with increasing temperature; ammonium ion uptake onto CaY was suitably… CONTINUE READING

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